Our experience can give you the security of high level services such as:

  • Inform the time table for ETA and ETD
  • Prepare the check in desks and inform accordingly the tour operators agents.
  • Check for handling staff availability for the check in performance on time.
  • Prepare and brief the staff of handlers for any specials.
  • Check with ATC for the availability of the return flight plan.
  • Before A/C arrival check with A/P authorities for the parking position and prepare the handling ramp staff and have ready all equipments needed according to the airline,s requests.
  • Meet, assist, and brief A/C crew about pax figures and for any specials requested.
  • Arrange for fuel and cattering suppliers if needed.
  • Observe for the correct offloading and loading of the A/C holds for cargo and bags.
  • Be on time at the gates for the passengers boarding on time.
  • Confirm for the final pax number and brief number one and the Captain and remain until all A/C papers are ready and close doors.
  • Observe that all necessary messages are sent to the airlines.
  • Check if any of the arrived pax needs any assistance.